The Southern Ontario Open was first established in 2014 as a large Masters-style tournament, and by popular demand, was expanded in 2015 to a full three-day convention – and it will only get bigger and better! We are the largest Warmachine/Hordes convention in Canada, drawing top-level competition via the Masters and Iron Gauntlet Qualifier. Casual players are also welcome of course, with a 24-hour Iron Arena play area and midnight casual tournaments.

It’s not only for wargamers anymore! New this year, we will have a wide variety of board games in our Board Game Library, and will be supporting both High Command and Netrunner tournaments.

Your Organizers are the ever illustrious Tim Banky and Matt Clark, judges of some renown and hosts of Arcane Assist, a Warmachine/Hordes podcast. (Aggy’s helping out here and there too, of course.)

Some Matt Guy

Matt Clark  (@MrGoldenDeal1)


Tim Banky (@TEnchanter)